FutureDude Entertainment is seeking investors and production partners for its production of Oceanus: Odyssey One. What began as an acclaimed short film is being expanded into a full-length feature film.

Director’s Statement

“Since its genesis in mid-2014, my team and I have been expanding the amazing underwater world of Oceanus into what it is today. We’ve brought a bold and expansive vision to life on an extremely modest budget for two simple reasons — the opportunity to show how incredible Oceanus can be and what we, as a creative team, are made of.”
~ Jeffrey Morris, Director & Writer

Proof of Concept: The 30 Minute Short

Oceanus began as a 30-minute short film — Oceanus: Act One — that made it’s debut at the Sci-Fi London Film Festival in May 2015. After garnering critical acclaim and a significant fanbase via social media, the project was released on Blu-ray, Video-On-Demand, and as a spectacular graphic novel.

The Oceanus intellectual property is an action-packed, human drama featuring amazing aquatic technologies and stunning, unexplored locales. Created with input from science advisors from NASA and the film Gravity, Oceanus: Odyssey One is written with an approach of plausibility and realism. Now in preproduction, this action-packed full-length film completes the story arc begun in Oceanus: Act One additional new characters and locations.

You can view the entire Oceanus short below.

Amazing Potential for Success

Perhaps the most important aspect of Oceanus is the production team’s ability to create a high-quality product on a modest budget. This potential is attributed to our powerful creative team and strong relationships with partners like Bialy/Thomas Casting, Hydraulx Studios, The Light Works, and Science Advisor, Dr. Kevin Grazier (Gravity, Battlestar Gallactica).

The cast of Oceanus currently includes Academy Award-nominee Bruce Davison and legendary actor Malcolm McDowell—with several “A” list actors to be approached upon financing.

A behind-the-scenes look at the making of Oceanus: Act One can be seen below.


For information contact

Anne Marie Gillen

(310) 713-2827

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