Join us to create the future.

For serious investors in genre entertainment, FutureDude Entertainment offers a unique opportunity. We are a production company pioneering a new brand of science fiction media: combining intelligent original storytelling, scientific realism, and spectacular production values on a very modest budget.

Using state-of-the-art technologies, we create work of astounding range and visual impact. Oceanus: Odyssey One, our feature-length film now in pre-production, vividly imagines life in a undersea city 15 years hence. In our newest film project, Venus, viewers are thrust onto a spaceship as it veers perilously close to a hellish planet. In realizing these projects, we aim to achieve or even surpass the quality of today’s $200 million extravaganzas — for a fraction of their cost.

At a moment when sci-fi is resurging, from Star Wars to Star Trek to Battlestar Galactica, FutureDude Entertainment is feeding a fan-base hungry for high-quality content, women as well as men. Unlike today’s dominant franchises, we take a thoughtful, original approach: emphasizing relatable characters and stories over explosive action and simplistic fantasy. The results are timeless legends in the making.

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