A word from the founder of FutureDude

It all begins with “What if…?”

Science fiction is about more than entertainment. Visions of the future move our culture forward, propelling us toward the next frontier of invention and creativity. While we inhabit a world inconceivable to those living 100 years ago, we still believe the best days of humanity are ahead of us. But to realize the world of the future, first we have to imagine it. That’s our motivation.

Looking back to look forward.

For generations, people have looked to the future and the cosmos for inspiration. For them, their children, and for new audiences, FutureDude creates experiences worthy of their intelligence and their hopes for tomorrow. We unite today’s amazing creative technologies with the character-driven sci-fi ethos of the 1960s and 70s. Like our heroes from Arthur C. Clarke to Stanley Kubrick to Gene Roddenberry, we weave captivating stories that provoke and enlighten as they entertain.

Making the future more real.

We believe science offers possibilities even more dazzling than fantasy. So a commitment to realism informs all our work. We collaborate with scientists, engineers and global institutions such as NASA and the European Space Agency to make our stories not only lifelike, but also profoundly plausible. FutureDude creates at the ever-advancing boundary between what is now and what could be tomorrow.

Human stories that inspire and endure.

Explosive action and visual effects may crowd the multiplex. But it’s relatable stories that endure after the bombast fades. We are committed to producing media that is socially relevant, diversity-driven, and grounded in human relationships — without excessive violence, negative stereotypes, or simplistic fantasy. We are building legends that will inspire a passionate following for decades to come.