Celebrate! Innovation Magazine Features Article by Jeffrey Morris

Jeffrey Morris, founder of FutureDude Entertainment and writer/director of the upcoming feature film Persephone, is scheduled to speak at Celebrate! Innovation Live (CiLive) in March. In the Spring edition of Celebrate! Innovation Magazine, Jeffrey and other featured authors share how the wonder of traveling to space changed the possibilities they envisioned for their own lives and for the world.

Not unlike many kids growing up around the time of the 1969 Apollo moon landing, Jeffrey Morris dreamed of one day becoming an astronaut. Yet unlike his peers, who were content to play with action figures and light sabers after Star Wars hit theaters, Jeffrey took a different path. In response to the lack of realism in “fantasy” science fiction, he began studying the creative techniques used in films like Star Wars and others to create more realistic cinematic adventures.

Read the full story online to learn more about Jeffrey’s journey as an educator and creative entrepreneur whose current projects include two series in development, Saturn 5 and Neptune One, in addition to Persephone.

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