When weather control experiments go horribly awry, a young scientist must confront his demons to stop a deadly, sentient superstorm as it lays waste to North America.

Enter The Vortex

The prodigious scientist Dr. Cale Isaacs is the creator of Project Zephyr: a successful weather control system that, after being funded by the U.S. military, is eventually confiscated and recklessly tested on a tropical storm.

When the test goes awry, the resulting hurricane grows to unfathomable proportions, eventually encompassing the Northern Hemisphere. As it evolves, the storm appears to act out of self-preservation and even strike with purpose – becoming a raging sentient superstorm.

Now a thrilling six-issue mini-series and trade paperback, Brainstorm is being developed as a feature-length film.

Meet The Characters

  • Dr. Cale Isaacs

    Brilliant young climate scientist Cale Isaacs came from humble beginnings to create a system that can disintegrate massive tornados in minutes. But just as the world celebrates his discovery, his technology is commandeered by the military. A troubled soul with an unhappy history, Isaacs must overcome his personal struggles to wrest back control of a disaster he accidently helped create.

  • General Davis

    A primary funder of the Zephyr Project, Army General Oliver Davis rashly seizes the technology for military use and begins shooting down storms. Davis is mistrustful of scientists and not fully aware of the power at his disposal. When his arrogant miscalculations make a catastrophic storm much worse, the general puts the hemisphere and millions of lives at risk.

  • Zoe Goodwin

    As a strong, intelligent, and focused young woman, Dr. Zoe Goodwin is as concerned about the ravages of climate change as her colleagues. Yet, she keeps a cool head and measured approach that is in stark contrast to her associate scientist, Cale Issacs. It is this calm resolve that allows Isaacs to confide in her and ultimately leading to their deep friendship.



The Motion PictureProject in development

Planned release date: TBD

Category: Adventure, Sci-Fi

Writers: Jeffrey Morris,
Ira Livingston

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