The new Oceanus motion picture, now in pre-production. The year is 2029. Created as the ultimate city beneath the sea, the Oceanus Research Facility becomes humanity’s last hope for survival after a devastating global disaster.

A New Vision of Sci-Fi

Oceanus Base is the next frontier: humanity’s first city beneath the sea—its domes glittering like a vast, bioluminescent colony of jellyfish in a perpetual twilight located 250 meters beneath the waves. It serves as an outpost to test the limits of science and human ability. Populated by only the best and brightest, it is the model community of the future.

But this undersea marvel is not a vision of utopian perfection. In the freezing depths and crushing pressures, the Oceanus crew is forced to meet impossible deadlines to complete the construction of the city and forced to pursue aggressive under-sea research projects which lead to danger and avoidable deaths. This leads to a pitched conflict between base commander/designer Ben Matthews and wealthy financier, Dorian Xanthis—owner of the company that built Oceanus.

And now, in the midst of turmoil, this epic attempt at colonization is about to become the last desperate hope of humankind. As Oceanus nears completion a cataclysm of unimaginable proportions strikes, cutting them off from the rest of the world—if there is even any kind of world remaining above the waves. In the wake of the disaster, Oceanus is left damaged and a team of scientists are stranded at the foot of an undersea volcano. Everywhere, oxygen is low and the pressure is high.

Spectacular aquatic visuals serve as a backdrop for this epic adventure, from the futuristic beauty of technology-unchained that is Oceanus itself, to the fiery hell of seismic fissures at the foot of undersea volcanoes, with stops at a fantastic floating airport, Humankind’s destiny will be decided at crush depth in Oceanus: Odyssey One.

Meet the Characters

  • Ben Matthews

    Base Commander

    A natural-born leader, Ben Matthews is a graduate of the prestigious Webb Institute for Naval Engineering and the protege of XHI CEO, Dorion Xanthis. He has a reputation for a being levelheaded and clear thinking. He is a visionary, a leader, and an inspiration. During the past twenty-five years, he has written the book on undersea colonization. He has supervised the construction of numerous outposts and recreational facilities on the sea floor. Oceanus Base was to be his crowning achievement. However, an overly aggressive timetable led to mishaps and ultimately, to deaths. His inability to rectify a construction approach with Xanthis led to a reassessment of his life and ultimately to his resignation.

    Having focused on his career as opposed to building a relationship and a family, Ben always felt like he was missing something. That changed when his colleague, Dr. Sara Drake, came into his life. Now that his tenure at Oceanus is coming to an end, he ponders the possibilities of life beyond the sea with the woman he loves.

  • Jo Esposito

    Sub Pilot

    Josephine Esposito is a tough-as-nails native of Southern California who enlisted in the US Navy at the age of 18. Having served on thorium-powered submarines for eight years, she became a skilled helmsman. During a furlough at her home port of San Diego, Jo met the love of her life, Keiko Yamada. The two married and through the use of an embryonic stem cell procedure, had a biological daughter named Jimena.

    After retiring from the military, Jo took a job ferrying people and supplies from XHI Headquarters in Hokkaido, Japan to Oceanus Base in the mid-Pacific Ocean. This allowed her wife, Keiko, to spend time with her family in Japan while raising their daughter. As a natural athlete, Esposito is a kick-ass soccer player who plays in the XHI League in the Earle Stadium at Oceanus Base. She is also a talented cook and amateur acoustic guitarist.

  • Sara Drake

    Mission Specialist

    Warm and fiercely intelligent, Dr. Sara Drake is a geologist and consummate expert in sea floor volcanism. Due to its placement atop a dormant volcano, Oceanus is the perfect place for her to study and apply her scientific discipline. An explorer at heart, Sara is focused on a better future for humanity via knowledge and understanding. She finds great satisfaction in her working relationship with Ben Matthews.

    Over the years, their camaraderie that grew beyond a professional association to a more personal one. When Sara is given command of the Odyssey One mission to the Emperor Trench, she and Ben decide it is best to keep their relationship under wraps. While it is within protocol for them to have an publicly-open relationship, she wanted it to be known that she was advancing via her own merits.

  • Katherine Hickman

    Marine Biologist

    There is a perception that many scientists lack social graces. A genius and sufferer of Asperger’s Syndrome, Kate Hickman fits the stereotype to a T. She has little time for the pleasantries of dealing with the emotions and concerns of others. Her acerbic attitude betrays an intense intellect that is solely focused on exploring the roots of life on Earth. Kate’s discovery of a special class of anaerobic bacteria in hydrothermal vents in the Emperor Trench has become the impetus for the Odyssey One initiative and a new biological air filtration system for Oceanus Base. It is an obsession that now carries a price as she is manipulated by Dorion Xanthis to become a covert aspect of his plan for world destruction.

  • Dorion Xanthis

    CEO, Xanthis Heavy Industries

    Having built the first multi-trillion-dollar empire through the mining of precious metals from near-Earth asteroids, Dorion Xanthis is the greatest business success of the Twenty-First Century. Space stations, moon bases, and undersea colonies like Oceanus Base are among his successes. In recent years, Oceanus has become his primary focus and obsession. It became the launch-pad for his automated Triton computer network which is integrated into all XHI systems and facilities. Dorion is admired by the world for his business acumen and philanthropy.

    Yet, as Dorion watches the world dying under the onslaught of pollution and overpopulation, he has become bitter. Cold and calculating, he decides it’s time for a reboot. A thinning of the herd. He cooks up a plan that will utilize his resources and assets to create a new Utopia. It all begins with a the most horrific act the world has ever seen.

  • Zhang Wei Gao

    Mission Specialist

    A friendly, reliable scientist who believes the future lies beneath the sea, Zhang Wei is a key element of the Odyssey One team. He serves as pilot for the science rig and it’s support submarines. Strong, loving, and loyal, Zhang Wei is proud and excited to be working alongside his wife, Li Juan. He was thrilled that they were stationed together at Oceanus years earlier. He looks forward to a time of mutual discoveries.

  • Li Juan Gao

    Mission Specialist

    In addition to her skills as a science researcher, Li Juan is a talented engineer. She controls and monitors the key systems on the Odyssey One platform. She is a bit of a fatalist with a droll sense of humor. She is the first to crack a joke or complain about the inevitable. Regardless, she gets the job done and her dark realism is a wonderful counterpart to her husband’s bubbling optimism. While she dreads aspects of the Odyssey One mission, deep down she’s excited to be part of the team.

  • Alan Carter

    Chief of Operations

    Alan Carter first learned of Oceanus as a child. Inspired by the potential of a future underwater civilization, he decided that he would some day work at the base. He nearly killed himself to get advanced degrees by his early twenties. After landing a spot on the crew of the base, Alan works his way up to second-in-command and serves as the protegé of Ben Matthews. He is youthful and enthusiastic with a lot to prove. He still has a way to go with regard to having the full level of confidence required to assume full authority.

Step inside Odyssey One

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Oceanus: Odyssey One

The Motion PictureNow in pre-production

Runtime: 120 minutes

Category: Adventure, Sci-Fi

Writer & Director: Jeffrey Morris

Designer: Jeffrey Morris

Producer: Anne Marie Gillen

Executive Producer: John Adams

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