On the first manned journey to Venus, a tough engineer/astronaut struggles to keep his mission and his crew alive as they descend toward the terrifying world below.

A Planetary Mission in Peril.

In the mid-21st century, when space exploration has been mostly outsourced to private corporations, a talented aerospace engineer named Desmond Clarke still sees an amazing future for humans in the cosmos. He proposes a manned mission to Venus to witness a massive geological event — the complete global resurfacing of the planet.

His international crew includes advanced AI lifeforms, known as “Exospheres,” who have physical, intellectual, and emotional capacities far beyond those of humans. As the mission reaches its defining moment, the ship’s people and machines clash with deadly consequences on both sides. Now they must work together to survive above a hellish planet under extraordinary pressure.

Based on the original graphic novel Venus: Daedalus One, the feature-length Venus: The Motion Picture is now in pre-production, scheduled to debut in 2019.

Meet The Characters

  • Clarke

    Mission Engineer, played by Lance Reddick

    Desmond ‘Dez’ Clarke is an extraordinary aerospace engineer. As the lead designer for Heliospheric Industries, he is hand picked by CEO Darren Strack to head up the Daedalus Venus Mission. Although he is initially reluctant to go, but eventually embraces the opportunity to see his biggest achievement functioning firsthand on another world.

    Actor Lance Reddick is best known for his roles in Fox’s Fringe series and HBO’s The Wire. He’s contributed voice work on Destiny, the new sci-fi epic video game from Bungie and he is a lead on the Amazon series Bosch.

  • Alpha

    Lead Tetra

    As an advanced artificial life form with quantum intelligence, Alpha has the capacity to think and feel much like her human creator. She and her fellow ‘Tetras’ have recently been classified as fully-sentient beings. But their presence on the Daedalus mission creates tension with many crew members that sees them as little more than machines.

  • pete mitchell

    Mission Commander

    Veteran of the first crewed mission to Mars, Mitchell is a seasoned space explorer. He was talked into joining the privately-funded Venus mission by Heliospheric CEO, Darren Strack. It’s not only the money and prestige of landing on yet another world in the solar system that drives him to command the Daedalus mission, it’s also about the chance to prove once and for all that humans are a necessary component of the future of planetary exploration.



    A young and brilliant Astrobiologist, Brockman is excited to explore the concept of life on the Daedalus mission. Not just the potential of bacterial life in the clouds of Venus, but also onboard the Daedalus in the form of the cybernetic Tetras—recently declared sentient. She is frustrated by the prejudice she sees in the older crew members and vows to challenge their views.


    A.I. Psychologist

    Charged with studying the psychology of the entire Daedalus crew—Tetras and Humans—Xiao is constantly observing. As the sole representative of the robotics firm Quantience, she is on the mission to ensure that her artificially intelligent colleagues are given a fair opportunity to prove that they are more than capable of running an autonomous space mission without the assistance of people.



    Tasked with studying the complex Venusian atmosphere, Ortiz understands the real dangers facing the crew of the Daedalus as they float high above the hellish surface. He shares a special bond with the Tetra, Delta, after helping her survive an impact with a micro-meteor during transit from Earth.


    CEO, Heliospheric Industries

    As the builder of amazing space hardware via his multi-national conglomerate, Heliospheric Industries. Darren Strack is thrilled to finance the mission Venus. He knows that the earth is in trouble from climate change, but he also wants to increase his profits and open up new avenues for revenue. His joint partnership with Quanitence is shaky at best as the Tetras’ success could put him out of business.


    Artificial Intelligence Specialist

    Following a breakthrough in artificial intelligence and quantum neural networks, Dr. Torres was about to launch the Quantience Institute. She wants nothing more than to see her creations have the same rights and respect that all other sentient beings have on earth in the mid-2st century. The Daedalus mission will be her chance to prove their validity once and for all.

  • BETA

    Geology Tetra

    Arrogant and self assured, Beta is charged with the geological survey aspects of the Venus mission. Her aggressive willingness to go to the surface during an emergency places her life—and ultimately the entire Daedalus mission in danger.


    Engineering Tetra

    Designed to complete engineering tasks, Gamma worked alongside Dez Clarke during the design phase of the Daedalus mission. Her role is critical to the successful retrieval of samples from the Venusian surface.


    Medical Tetra

    Aware of human anatomy and psychology, Delta forges close relationships with the Daedalus crew as she serves as the ship’s medical officer. Her unique connection to Ortiz places her in harms way due to Mitchell’s disdain for what he perceives to be an odd relationship.


Now in active development, Venus is scheduled to debut in 2018. Follow the production of this sci-fi adventure as we continue to release new images and artwork.

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The Motion PictureNow in pre-production

Category: Adventure, Sci-Fi

Director: Jeffrey Morris

Writer: Jeffrey Morris

Inspired by the graphic novel by Jeffrey Morris &
Ira Livingston IV


Lance ReddickDr. Desmond Clarke

Nichelle NicholsIda Clarke

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