International Best Selling Science Fiction Author to Write Persephone Novel

Future Dude Entertainment has announced that acclaimed science fiction author Kevin J. Anderson will write the novel based on its upcoming motion picture Persephone. Anderson has published more than 165 books, many of which have become national or international best sellers. He is well known for writing spin-off novels for Star Wars, StarCraft, The X-Files and he’s also a co-author of the Dune prequel series along with Brian Herbert. In addition, he has written his own original works in the fantasy and humorous horror genres.

Known for his ability to transport readers to other worlds, Anderson is an excellent fit for Persephone, a thrilling story of three astronauts dispatched to Proxima b (aka Persephone) on a mission that will determine the ultimate destiny of the human species. “It’s a huge honor to have Kevin on board,” said Jeffrey Morris, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Future Dude Entertainment, and Writer, Director and Designer for Persephone. “The movie is focused on a 48-hour slice of the characters’ lives, depicted in two hours. With the novel we get a chance to tell the bigger story — the back story — and flesh out the world surrounding these characters. ” Morris added, “Kevin is known as a ‘world builder’ and to work with him to build out the world of Persephone is really exciting.” Anderson is also working as a creative consultant to ensure alignment between the film and the novel.

Morris is also in talks with well-known authors for two other potential books including Author Rod Pyle for The Science of Persephone, and Piers Bizony for The Making of Persephone.

The Persephone motion picture is currently in pre-production, with a projected launch date of 2022. To learn more about Kevin J. Anderson and his work, visit his website at, or follow him on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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