Jeffrey Morris Gets Real on The Brian Oake Show

Brian Oake, Minneapolis radio icon and science lover, recently interviewed Jeffrey Morris, founder of Future Dude Entertainment, about his upcoming major motion picture Persephone.

The interview on Brian’s new podcast, The Brian Oake Show, shares Jeffrey’s inspiration behind Persephone, a story about humans escaping a climate-change ravaged Earth to colonize the planet Proxima B. This actual planet was discovered in 2016 in the aptly named “Goldilocks zone” that scientists believe has the right conditions to sustain human life.

Brian and Jeffrey immediately bonded over their childhood love of Omni magazine and the limitless possibilities of space, and they talked about both the challenges and support that made Jeffrey into the person he is today. They also delved into the unexpected role that Star Wars played in shaping Jeffrey’s mission to popularize science.

Listen now to learn about Jeffrey’s connection to a beloved Minnesota music icon, his secret to breaking into Hollywood, as well as the song he hopes will be part of Persephone’s sound track.

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