Jeffrey Morris Interviewed on The Space Show

With a feature film about space exploration in the works, Jeffrey Morris couldn’t be a more fitting guest for a recent interview on The Space Show with Dr. David M. Livingston. The Space Show focuses on timely and important issues influencing the development of outer-space commerce and space tourism. On the episode, Jeffrey discusses Persephone, his soon-to-be-produced sci-film set 150 years into the future which tells the story of a ship making a 50-year journey to Proxima B.

On the show Jeffrey also talks about how he got into the film business as well as details of his other current projects, including a TV series in the works for young people called Saturn 5, and his passion project – a TV adventure set underwater, Neptune One.

Listen to the recording to hear Jeffrey answer questions from listeners about details of his projects, his work in science fiction, how he juggles multiple projects and even the role pets play in his films.

The Space Show is available live via several Internet Radio providers or via Podcast.

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