Morris directs “Gone” video

Singer/songwriter Nate Amor has released the video for his new single “Gone.” Created and Directed by Jeffrey Morris, the video was shot almost entirely on a duo of Apple iPhone 11’s as an experiment in new technology. Morris began is directorial career in Minneapolis, MN in the 90’s shooting music videos and working behind the scenes with musicians including the legendary Prince.

Jeffrey Morris and Nate Amor on the set of “Gone.”

Jeffrey was excited to work with Nate and his team on this project. “Gone” is about suffering and surviving through loss. He envisioned an emotive and dark video for this project; one that lets the viewer focus on the artist and lyrics. The video is a modern take that references great video performances of the past and incorporates cutting edge hardware and software in the production. The final version is a close representation of what Jeffrey envisioned when listening to the song for the first time.

Nate Amor’s new single and upcoming EP are produced and engineered by Kevin Bowe, a Minneapolis native who is also a talented musician and Grammy-winning songwriter, penning songs on 3 platinum records. Nate is also the lead vocalist for Trans-Siberian Orchestra and touring through the remainder of 2019.

“Gone” Directed by Jeffrey Morris

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