Persephone Packaged and Ready to Take Off with Evolutionary Films

FutureDude Entertainment’s Persephone has finalized cast and Evolutionary Films are excited to be bringing the fully packaged title to AFM with a confirmed line-up of Brianna Hildebrand (Deadpool), Mary-Louise Parker (Red), Emile Hirsch (Into the Wild), Lance Reddick (Bosch) and Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange) set to take off in this adventure sci-fi. Pixomondo Studios are co-producing with FutureDude and Evolutionary on this fantastic space adventure from writer/director Jeffrey Morris and producers are Anne Marie Gillen, John Adams and Diane Shorthouse.

Persephone is the story of three astronauts from Colony One – an enormous space vessel carrying over 20,000 colonists from a dying Earth to the nearest star system of Alpha Centauri in the late 22nd Century. The trio have been dispatched to repair a system designed to shield their new world of Proxima b – also known as Persephone – from the constant and deadly solar flares emitted by the red dwarf star it orbits every eleven days.

Persephone is an arid, lifeless world larger Earth with slightly higher gravity. The planet also is tidally-locked – with one side forever facing its parent star while the other remains in unending darkness. Its environment can barely support human life. Yet, after a disastrous attempt to colonize Mars failed decades earlier, Colony One, and its trailing sister ships, are now the only option for the survival of the species.

Born during the fifty-year journey to the nearest star, Darcy Webb (Brianna Hildebrand) trained to pilot shuttlecraft for the enormous mile-long spacecraft Colony One. While commanding a critical mission to the planet Proxima B, Darcy goes head-to-head with engineer Tanya Baxter (Mary-Louise Parker) regarding the right course of action when they discover they may not be alone on the seemingly-lifeless world. What follows is an epic journey of interpersonal conflict and scientific discovery. 

Jeffrey Morris of FutureDude says “We’re super excited to share a fantastic, character-driven space adventure based on plausible science set on a real planet recently discovered by astronomers. My goal is to create a memorable and captivating journey that will thrill a diverse audience of filmgoers that expands beyond typical sci-fi fans.”

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FutureDude Entertainment, is a premier source for captivating, future-focused adventure stories that span genres, media, and generations. Founded in 2010 by writer and director Jeffrey Morris, the production company blends dazzling creativity with smart storytelling. The goal: to rekindle the human spirit of science fiction for a mass audience.

Since its inception, the company has attracted passionate followers around the world, in additional to outstanding collaborators like accomplished TV and film actors, award-winning artists, renowned scientists and technical advisors (NASA, the European Space Agency), as well as far-sighted investors who fuel FutureDude Entertainment projects.

FutureDude Entertainment is partnered with the award-winning visual effects house Pixomondo for many of its upcoming science-fiction projects. Pixomondo is best known for Game of Thrones and the CBS All–Access series Star Trek: Discovery.


Evolutionary Films is a vertically integrated film and television production, international sales and UK distribution company based at 3 Mills Studios in London. The company is actively engaged in co-production on a number of high quality film and television projects, can offer bespoke production service deals and has a slate of in-house features in various stages of development and production which are financed internally.

As well as handling international sales for its own projects, Evolutionary Films represents a strong catalogue of completed titles under licence from other producers, and attends all the major markets around the world including Berlin, HK FilmArt, Cannes, Toronto, MIP and the AFM in Los Angeles.

In the UK territory, Evolutionary Films releases feature film titles theatrically in cinemas nationwide, has a strong track record securing DVD placement in major retailers and has licensed content to major digital platforms including iTunes, Amazon, Sky, Google, Microsoft and Virgin. The company has strong relationships with television broadcasters for both sales and commissions and can bring top level marketing expertise to its releases via an exclusive partnership with the Soho based creative agency Feref.

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FutureDude Entertainment is a production company that blends dazzling creativity with smart storytelling. Our goal: to rekindle the human spirit of science fiction for a mass audience.