Watch: Jeffrey Morris talks science fiction and breaking into the film industry

In a recent interview with Hollywood Scriptwriter Magazine, writer/director Jeffrey Morris discusses the science fiction genre in light of his three current projects (Parallel Man, Oceanus and Persephone) and shares how his entrepreneurial skills have helped him finance and kickstart the films he creates.

When it comes to advice for those trying to break into the industry, Morris stresses the importance of a good idea, strategic business planning and finding the right audiences.

I have realized that it’s great to get feedback from the right people. Feedback from everyone is not necessarily good. You can waste time getting beaten up by people who hate what you wrote or hate what you did – and then you ask them what they normally like, and they say ‘romantic comedies.’ Well, since I’m writing sci-fi films, I probably shouldn’t be listening to you! Also, am I getting advice from someone who has succeeded in the field I’m attempting to succeed in myself?

Watch the full interview below, or click here to watch on YouTube.

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