Nichelle Nichols joins cast of Venus

Jeffrey Morris, Nichelle Nichols and Lance Reddick discuss Venus

Venus, the second feature-length motion picture by FutureDude Entertainment, is in pre-production and the story about a world of fire is heating up. Nichelle Nichols, Star Trek’s Lieutenant Uhura, has agreed to a role in the film and met with Venus creator, Jeffrey Morris and lead actor, Lance Reddick in Los Angeles last week.

Nichelle and Jeffrey have been friends for a few years. He is a big fan and admirer of her work as a strong, smart, female character in the original Star Trek series and subsequent feature films. Jeffrey previously interviewed Nichelle in her LA home for FutureDude’s Universe blog and you can find the two part article here and here.

Lance Reddick stars in Venus as aerospace engineer Dr. Desmond Clarke. The character of Clarke was introduced in 2012 graphic novel, Venus: Daedalus One also written by Jeffrey Morris and available on Amazon.

Desmond Clarke brought to life by illustrator Chaz Troug in the graphic novel

Actor Lance Reddick is best known for his roles in Fox’s Fringe series and HBO’s The Wire. He screen presence makes him a great fit as Clarke, the courageous aerospace engineer embarking on his first mission beyond the moon.

New production art for Venus has been released and offers a glimpse inside the mid-21st century sci-fi adventure. Now in active development, Venus is scheduled for production in 2017 and will debut in 2018.

Clarke’s ship, The Daedalus

Exospheres, advanced artificial lifeforms

Daedalus set design

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