Experience Oceanus: Act One in a Whole New Way

FutureDude Entertainment’s Oceanus: Act One hits shelves as a beautifully illustrated graphic novel that captures the under-sea adventure in an amazing, page-turning way.

“With Oceanus, Jeffrey & Kimberly Morris have realized a brave new world that features a sense of wonder and undersea adventure that we haven’t witnessed in a long time”. ~Malcolm McDowell

This human adventure takes place in the year 2029. Created as the ultimate city beneath the sea, the Oceanus Research Facility is a wondrous structure housing more than 300 scientists and engineers, including whale biologist Dr. Erin Kendall and her husband, engineer Sam Jordan. After a devastating global disaster cuts the Oceanus Base off from the surface forever, the team must fight to survive as they establish a new undersea society — while fending off deadly attacks from unseen enemies trying to claim Oceanus for themselves.

The graphic novel includes a forward written by Malcolm McDowell, a sneak peek of Act Two, and a gallery of art covering the universe of the Oceanus saga. It is being released nation-wide in August 2015 and will retail for $14.99.

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Oceanus is a human drama with amazing aquatic technologies set against stunning unexplored locales. Created with input from science advisors from NASA and the film Gravity, Oceanus is written with an approach of plausibility and realism. Now in pre-production, this full-length film completes the story arc begun in Oceanus: Act One with new characters and locations.