Monthly Roundup: Production Updates From ‘The Eagle Has Landed’

Scenes for the Opening Segment 
Stillwater, MN | October 23, 2023

The afternoon of October 23rd was spent working on some scenes for an opening segment of The Eagle Has Landed. FutureDude Entertainment founder Jeffrey Morris traveled to Stillwater, Minnesota and worked with an extremely talented drone operator to capture the footage we needed. We took advantage of a typical fall day in Minnesota to film at two beautiful locations.

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Todd Morton Interview 
Martinsville, Indiana | October 15, 2023

I traveled to Martinsville, Indiana to interview Todd Morton, co-founder of SPACE: 1999 PROPS & SHIPS. It was a beautiful and pastoral location in central Indiana—the perfect backdrop for our discussion. I learned all about how Todd grew up and when he first became enamored with the Eagle. We also talked about how he pulled together fans from around the world to spearhead the production of the 22-inch MPC Eagle—leading to teams of thousands of kits sold!  It was amazing and even a little surreal to see TODD’S CORNER and his collection of amazing sci-fi memorabilia.

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Kickstarter Campaign and Test Shoot 
Minneapolis, MN | Summer 2023

During the summer of 2023, The Eagle Has Landed team experimented with LED volume technology to depict the interior of the iconic Eagle. The location was recreated utilizing high-detailed and supremely-accurate 3D model of the ship’s passenger pod developed by the team at Frankfurt-based FullSteam Studios.

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Kevin J. Anderson Interview 
Colorado Springs, CO | July 5-9, 2023

I had a blast traveling to Colorado to interview my good friend Kevin J. Anderson about his love of Space: 1999 and the Eagle. Like me, he was greatly influenced by the show as a young person, and its adventures became part of his DNA as an acclaimed writer.

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Wonderfest 2023 
Louisville, KY | June 9-11, 2023

I attended Wonderfest, a special celebration of models and miniatures from the world of science fiction and fantasy. There, I interviewed the gang from the Space: 1999 Props & Ships Facebook group about their love of the Eagle from the perspective of collectors and model builders.

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Calgary: 1999  
Calgary, Alberta | April 27-30, 2023

I attended the CALGARY: 1999 event on Saturday, April 29th for a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the production of Space: 1999. There, I was able to meet fans from all around the world and was blown away by their love of the series and devotion to keeping the flame alive. I also met actor Nick Tate, who played the iconic astronaut Captain Alan Carter on the show — a major childhood hero of mine. I’m excited to share that we really hit it off! I’m thrilled to work with him on the actual documentary when we shoot together later this year.

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