Watch: Jeffrey Morris and Kevin J. Anderson Talk Science Fiction & Culture

Writer/director/designer Jeffrey Morris and bestselling sci-fi novelist Kevin J. Anderson recently joined Capsule’s Kelly Leighton and Aaron Keller for a virtual Q&A session on science fiction, future world-building and the implications of an increasingly tech-reliant culture.

We’re experiencing a science fiction moment right now. If you think about all the technology that we have, things we take for granted – our smartphones, laptops – these are all science fiction concepts in a lot of ways… Technology’s awesome, but we have to advance along with it. We have to be sure we aren’t falling behind… And then who knows what we could become?
– Jeffrey Morris 

What I like about science fiction is that we get to practice the future. We get to think of things and do a fast-forward and say, ‘What if this happens?’ It doesn’t always have to be a warning or a dark thing. With science fiction, we get to tell stories we don’t have to experience ourselves.
– Kevin J. Anderson

Watch a recording of the full Q&A here.

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