Watch Oceanus: Act One on Vimeo On Demand

FutureDude Entertainment, makes its 30-minute live action underwater film Oceanus available via Vimeo streaming.

Oceanus is set in the year 2029 in a city beneath the sea. The Oceanus Research facility houses more than 300 scientists and engineers, including biologist Dr. Erin Kendall and her husband, aquatic engineer Sam Jordan. The couple travel away from the base to test a breakthrough in interspecies communications when a cataclysm occurs. What happens next has moviegoers on the edge of their seats.

Acclaimed star of film, stage and small screen, Bruce Davison plays Dorion Xanthis, the eccentric billionaire who created Oceanus. Stage and screen actor Megan Dodds stars as Dr. Erin Kendall, and Sharif Atkins, of Guardians of the Galaxy, is her husband, Sam Jordan. The distinctive voice of veteran actor Malcolm McDowell, known in sci-fi circles as Dr. Tolian Soran who killed Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek: Generations, is featured as Triton.

Get it at Vimeo.

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Oceanus is a human drama with amazing aquatic technologies set against stunning unexplored locales. Created with input from science advisors from NASA and the film Gravity, Oceanus is written with an approach of plausibility and realism. Now in pre-production, this full-length film completes the story arc begun in Oceanus: Act One with new characters and locations.