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FutureDude Store Now Open!

Welcome to the Store! Stop by and bring a piece of tomorrow home today!  

FutureDude Store Now Open!

New Releases

FutureDude is changing the face of science fiction in 2014
with an exciting slate of action-packed adventures.
Brainstorm #2
Brainstorm #2  
The full might of Hurricane Brandon is unleashed! The US Military takes aggressive action to subdue the violent storm. In Stores October 1, 2014
Parallel Man: Invasion America #1
Parallel Man: Invasion America #1  
Join Agent Nick Morgan in the resistance movement against the evil empire of the Ascendancy in this Earth-jumping epic. In Stores October 8, 2014
Brainstorm #3
Brainstorm #3  
As the turbulent events in Cale’s life spiral out of control, his relationship to the raging hurricane is revealed. In Stores November 14, 2014

New Characters

Nick Morgan

Same man. Different realities. Parallel Man features the ongoing adventures
of two mismatched heroes—a super agent and a slacker video gamer.

New Characters

Dr. Cale Isaacs

In Brainstorm, using a brilliant strategy combining nano-tech and quantum
computing, Isaacs has made a breakthrough in weather manipulation.

New Characters

Mackenzie Cartwright

In Parallel Man, the estranged daughter of a deadly dynasty, Cartwright fights to
prove herself in a man’s world as she leads military campaigns across the universes.

New Characters

Vortex Force

With a fleet of high-tech vehicles and protective gear, the elite members
of Vortex Force can penetrate even an F5 tornado in Brainstorm.  

New Characters

Carl Sagan

As a warrior for science and reason, he leads a group of dissidents in a peaceful
struggle against The Ascendancy and its evil world-spanning agenda in Parallel Man.  


From award-winning visionary artists to scientific luminaries,
FutureDude has assembled an amazing creative team.
Christopher Jones  
Comic Artist, Parallel Man
Dennis Calero  
Comic Artist, Brainstorm
Eric Chu  
Illustrator, Parallel Man
Paul Douglas  
Science Advisor, Brainstorm
Dorion Sagan  
Contributor, Parallel Man


Go beyond of the story lines and dive into the worlds of FutureDude. Discover
theories, inventions, and inspirations with the team behind the adventures.

Humanoids of DinoWorld

On an alternate Earth in the comic “Parallel Man” there exists, in our present day, a race of humanoid dinosaurs — the result of 65 million more years of evolution. How could this be possible?  


Dinosaurs Riding Dinosaurs!

The dinosaur warriors in Parallel Man (who ride primitive dinosaurs) raise a lot of questions. Such as… since they evolved for 65 million years on an alternate Earth, shouldn’t they have built a more advanced society?  


Could Our Machines Turn Against Us?

The story of Brainstorm asks what might happen if we create an artificial intelligence that is so smart and so complex, it actually turns against us.  


Syd Mead’s Spinner in “Blade Runner” and the MetaCar

Syd Mead’s work has always fascinated Jeffrey Morris. In fact, Mead’s designs for Tron and Blade Runner directly influenced the world of Parallel Man.   

Meet the Publishers

Combining creative, business savvy, and a love of classic science fiction, Jeffrey & Kimberly Morris are reigniting the genre with fresh approach.  

Meet the Publishers