• Introducing Persephone

    In the 22nd Century, a group of colonists crash on a planet orbiting the nearest star. As they fight to save their new home, they discover a bizarre and unexpected lifeform. But, is it the threat or are we? Check out the trailer for this exciting new motion picture.

  • FutureDude Entertainment

    FutureDude Entertainment is a premier source for captivating, future-focused adventure stories that span genres, media, and generations. Through intelligent storytelling and breathtaking production design, we are rekindling the imaginative spirit of science fiction for today’s fans and tomorrow’s as well.

  • World of Oceanus

    Check out the spectacular futuristic world of Oceanus in this new video featuring never-seen-before artwork and animations and learn about how FutureDude Entertainment is taking Oceanus beyond the silver screen to television, merchandise and more.

  • Jeffrey Morris

    In this revealing dialog, writer, director and designer Jeffrey Morris discusses FutureDude and how he creates cost effective productions that reveal a broad and expansive vision of what the near future could be.

Jeffrey Morris

CCO, Founder of FutureDude Entertainment

Writer, director and production designer Jeffrey Morris founded FutureDude Entertainment in 2010 to inject new ideas and intelligence back into science-fiction storytelling.

His publications include the genre-bending adventures Venus, Parallel Man, Brainstorm, and Slingshot. Morris is an award-winning director of commercials and documentaries for clients such as Prince, Delta Airlines and NASA. His directorial debut, Oceanus: Act One, premiered in 2015.

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