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Jeffrey Morris

Writer / Director / Designer

Jeffrey Morris is the director of the upcoming feature film Persephone starring Brianna Hildebrand and Malcolm McDowell. This neo-classic space adventure will begin production in 2020. Since childhood, Morris has been a devoted science aficionado—focusing on space exploration, oceanography, and meteorology. He has unified his interests through a focus on entrepreneurship, art direction, science education, and interactive media.

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Jeffrey Morris Set to Speak at Spacefest

Spacefest started out as a space art show and has now branched into a place for Apollo memorabilia sales, thought-provoking presentations, and most of all, for space enthusiasts to gather. […]


Jeffrey Morris Gets Real on The Brian Oake Show

Brian Oake, Minneapolis radio icon and science lover, recently interviewed Jeffrey Morris, founder of Future Dude Entertainment, about his upcoming major motion picture Persephone. The interview on Brian’s new podcast, […]


Jeffrey Morris Interviewed on The Space Show

With a feature film about space exploration in the works, Jeffrey Morris couldn’t be a more fitting guest for a recent interview on The Space Show with Dr. David M. […]



In a parallel dimension, an evil American government is enslaving Earths throughout the Multiverse — and our world is next. But one rogue agent is assembling a force to stop this threat forever.