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Jeffrey Morris

Writer / Director / Designer

Jeffrey Morris is the director of the upcoming feature film Persephone starring Brianna Hildebrand. This neo-classic space adventure will begin production in 2023. Since childhood, Morris has been a devoted science aficionado—focusing on space exploration, oceanography, and meteorology. He has unified his interests through a focus on entrepreneurship, art direction, science education, and interactive media.

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Join Jeffrey Morris and Nick Tate at Wonderfest 2024

Meet Director/Creator Jeffrey Morris at Wonderfest 2024 in Louisville, Kentucky on Sunday, June 2 at 2:30 p.m. for a special panel with Space: 1999 star Nick Tate. Event Details: Date/Time: […]


Behind the Scenes of ‘The Eagle Obsession’

A behind-the-scenes look at the past year of filming for THE EAGLE OBSESSION featuring Nick Tate, Kevin J. Anderson, Todd Morton, General Charles Duke, Jan Wenneberg, Brian Johnson, Dr. Sian […]


Listen: The BIG Sci-Fi Podcast with Jeffrey Morris

From Trek Geeks: We had the privilege of sitting down with prolific filmmaker, Jeffrey Morris, who is directing a brand new documentary called “The Eagle Has Landed” about the iconic […]



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