MTR Interviews Indie Sci-Fi Filmmaker Jeffrey Morris

Martin’s Theory of Relativity recently interviewed Jeffrey Morris, the founder of FutureDude Entertainment and creator of the upcoming  feature film, Persephone. They discuss Morris’ inspiration for the film, the challenges of the business and the film’s cast lineup:

Can you give us any details regarding the casting?

Jeffrey: I work with a fabulous casting director Jeremy Zimmerman from London. He and I worked hand in hand to select a cast. I’m extremely excited to have such a dynamic and seasoned cast onboard. I have been a fan of Mary-Louise Parker and Emile Hirsch for many years. I worked with Malcolm McDowell previously on my film Oceanus and we got along great. Lastly, Brianna Hildebrand was the breakout star of both Deadpool films. I can’t say how cool it will be working with her and her role is a game changer.

Be sure to read the entire interview at MTR and jump over to the official Persephone page for exclusive content including characters, vehicles, and pre-production artwork.

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