Three astronauts have been dispatched on a mission to an alien planet. Once there, they encounter the greatest mystery humankind has ever faced.

On a desperate journey to the nearest star, the cost of survival may be extinction

A runaway Greenhouse Effect has occurred. Billions have died. The remnants of humanity are forced to look elsewhere for survival. Their target: the nearest star system to our own—the triple stars of Alpha Centauri. There, orbiting the red dwarf star Proxima Centauri, is PROXIMA B aka PERSEPHONE. The planet that can barely be called inhabitable, yet it exists in a socalled ‘Goldilocks Zone’—the area near a star where a breathable atmosphere and liquid water can exist on its surface.

Persephone is the story of three astronauts from Colony One—an enormous space vessel traveling to Alpha Centauri. The trio have been dispatched in a shuttlecraft to repair a system designed to shield their new home of Proxima b (aka Persephone) from constant, deadly solar flares emitted by Proxima Centauri. The goal is to fix this shield at all costs as it is the key to living on the surface.

However, an attempt to repair the shield from orbit fails, damaging their computer system. After crash-landing on the night side of the planet, the crew discover that they may not be the only life on the hostile world. A mystery unfolds that may not only derail their mission, but also prevent the 20,000 colonists from ever setting foot on the planet.

What follows is an amazing journey that will carry the Colony One astronauts across the hostile landscape of Proxima b in search of clues to the greatest mystery humankind has ever faced. The film Persephone is an adventure that will determine the ultimate destiny of our species.

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Meet the Characters

  • Darcy Webb

    Command Pilot

    Born over two decades into the journey from Earth to Proxima Centauri, Darcy Webb has only known life in the sterile corridors of Colony One. She and her fellow ‘Newborns’ have conditioned for years to survive and flourish in the perpetual red sunlight they will encounter on the alien world of Persephone. During this long transit, Webb alleviated her boredom by training to become a talented AeroFox Shuttlecraft pilot. After crash-landing on a desolate and deadly planet, all of her skills—everything she had envisioned in her imagination—will be put to the test.

  • Tanya Baxter

    Systems Engineer

    Having grown up amongst the last generation of beleaguered humans to live on a polluted and declining Earth, Tanya Baxter set her sights on the stars. Before she entered hibernation on Colony One, Baxter led the team that created a shield designed to protect colonists from radiation on the planet Persephone. Awakened forty-five years later, she has discovered that her invention has failed and the colonization effort is at risk. Baxter must fight fatigue, fear, and uncertainty to repair her shield and restore the only hope of a dying human civilization.

  • Kyle Niven


    As the man who renamed the planet Proxima b to Persephone, the jovial Dr. Kyle Niven is an eternal optimist. With a fiercely creative and scientific mind, he has embraced the migratory fate of humankind and is excited by the prospect of exploring a new world. Since childhood, Niven has been fascinated by images sent from remote probes that indicated huge formations existed on Persephone’s surface. He believes them to be of intelligent origin—the remnants of an ancient alien race. Now, injured and alone, he fights to unravel the mystery of the geoglyphs before it’s too late.

  • Omni

    Ship’s Computer

    The crew of Colony One rely on the continual support of an artificial intelligence-based assistant named Omni. This sentient computer system is key to the ship’s operations and science efforts. Omni is decades old; it can learn and grow both intellectually and emotionally. In addition to being able to clone itself into multiple versions, Omni also has mobile units for use on planets.


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The Motion PictureNow in pre-production

Planned Release: 2021

Runtime: 120 minutes

Category: Adventure, Sci-Fi

Writer & Director: Jeffrey Morris

Designer: Jeffrey Morris

Exec. Producer: Cassian Elwes

Producer: FutureDude Ent.

Producer: Elevated Films

Producer: Pixomondo

Composer: Jeff Rona


Brianna HildebrandDarcy Webb

Mary-Louise ParkerTanya Baxter

Emile HirschKyle Niven

Malcolm McDowellOmni

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PersephoneScience fact meets science fiction in a great new adventure.

Set among the planets and moons of the Solar System in 2099, and inspired by positive visions of realistic sci-fi, the series explores the world of today through the compelling lens of tomorrow.