In a parallel dimension, an evil American government is enslaving Earths throughout the Multiverse — and our world is next. But one rogue agent is assembling a force to stop this threat forever.

Escape Into The Multiverse

Parallel Man: Infinite Pursuit follows Commander Nick Morgan, an intelligence agent from an evil version of America in an alternate universe. His government, known as The Ascendancy, has attacked and enslaved eleven other Earths — and has set its sights on our world next.

Nick spent his childhood secretly learning of the freedom in other Americas, which turns him against the deadly goals of his leaders. Now, after stealing an advanced vehicle prototype and his A.I. companion Atlas, Nick is seeking out the leaders of a former rebellion known as The Futurists (led by a parallel version of Dr. Carl Sagan) to assemble a weapon that could stop the Ascendancy forever.

A rollercoaster tear through time, space and parallel dimensions, Parallel Man is an illustrated comic mini-series, a universe-hopping mobile game, and a 14-minute animated short slated to become a feature-length film.

Meet The Characters

  • Commander Nick Morgan

    John Cho

    Formerly an intelligence agent/super-soldier from the Ascendancy’s home world of Alpha One, Nick Morgan has gone rogue. Now he’s on a personal quest to save his grandfather and the entire Multiverse from conquest by his evil government. But for our hero to succeed, Nick — the classic tough-guy loner — will need to listen to his heart and rely on others.

    John Cho is an actor of incredible range. He’s done sci-fi (as Sulu in the J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboot) and is a romantic lead in the new ABC sitcom Selfie.

  • Atlas

    Lance Reddick

    Think of Atlas as an evolution of the iPhone’s Siri, except with a floating holographic head. He’s an AI unit created to map the Multiverse and easily skip between worlds. Though he’s programmed to operate by the book, Atlas has a natural curiosity. When Agent Morgan disconnects him from the control of Central Cortex on Alpha One, it’s the first time Atlas is able to reason on his own.

    Atlas is voiced by veteran actor Lance Reddick, known for his roles in Fox’s Fringe series and voice work on Destiny, the sci-fi epic from Bungie.

  • Major Mackenzie Cartwright

    Ming-Na Wen

    As an officer in the Ascendancy’s elite military forces, Mackenzie Cartwright is responsible for halting 
the terrorist threat posed by Agent Nick Morgan. She’s the President’s daughter, but that buys her few favors in her society. From the shadow of her late brother, she fights to gain her rightful place — heir to her family’s legacy as the dominant force in the Multiverse.

    No stranger to sci-fi, Ming-Na Wen has played memorable roles in countless series, including Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Eureka, and Stargate Universe.

Step inside Parallel Man

In the recording studio with John Cho, Lance Reddick and Ming-Na Wen.




Parallel Man:Infinite Pursuit

Film / TV Project

Current Format: Short Film

Runtime: 14 minutes

Category: Animation, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Director: Jeffrey Morris

Writers: Jeffrey Morris & Fredrick Haugen


John ChoCommander
Nick Morgan

Lance ReddickAtlas

Ming Na-WenMajor
Mackenzie Cartwright

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