Educational Adventure - In Development

Set among the moons of the Solar System in 2099, and inspired by positive visions of realistic sci-fi, the series explores the world of today through the compelling lens of tomorrow.

Saturn 5

Saturn 5 is set in the futuristic and idyllic world of 2099. This utopia began with finally leaving the Earth and the abundance that choice enabled. Hydrogen extracted from Jupiter provided a seemingly endless source of energy—enough to replace fossil fuels—thus ending the threat of climate change. Valuable metals, mined from asteroids, have allowed for the construction of communities in space. Even the nearby Moon is a source of energy in the form of Helium-3, collected from lunar rock.

But, at the verge of the 22nd Century, it’s beginning to fall apart. A combination of forces—some Earthly and others interplanetary—are pushing this advanced society to an unseen precipice and the brink of collapse. Now, a surprising discovery at Saturn’s moon, Titan, has furnished a possible solution to a looming energy crisis. In response, a visionary leader has developed a secret initiative to explore the distant world.

The Saturn 5 team, a diverse group of teenage cadets, is assembled to travel to the outer Solar System as a symbol of hope—the promise of a new generation.


Saturn 5

Film / TV Project

Jeffrey Morris
Fredrick Haugen

Production Designer:
Jeffrey Morris

Composer: Jeff Rona

Status: Packaging / Pitching

Genre: Live action – scripted/reality

Budget: TBD

Target Production Date: TBD

Target Release Date: TBD

Cast: TBD

Executive Producer:
Jeffrey Morris

Jane Fleming
Mark Ordesky
Jeffrey Morris
Court Five
FutureDude Entertainment

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