Neptune One Dives Deep into Modern Dilemmas

Neptune One, a new 13-episode sci-fi adventure series for families from Jeffrey Morris, writer, director and production designer, and founder of FutureDude, confronts viewers with issues ripped from today’s headlines including the potential outcomes of continued climate change and the benefits and risks of artificial intelligence.

The series is set in the future where the horrific weather events foretold for decades by climate scientists have finally come to pass. In this dystopic world, carbon dioxide levels have crossed the tipping point, and constant storms, melting glaciers and droughts have brought humanity to the brink. Millions are dying from thirst, until in the year 2030 when inventor and entrepreneur Dorion Xanthis launches Hydros Corp with the mission of providing desalinated water to the masses. This successful innovation makes him planet’s richest man.

Twenty-five years later, in 2055, Xanthis has used his wealth to construct three underwater cities and populated each with the brightest minds of the time, in addition to the global elite who can afford to live there. Two of these underwater residents are a couple of brilliant engineers, Kate and Mike Morales, and their children Ariana, a 13-year old budding marine biologist, and her little brother Emilo, age 8, who’s into computers.

Tired of the day-to-day stress of running his company, Xanthis creates an artificially-intelligent holographic copy of his mind to take over. But slowly this avatar diverges and creates its own dark agenda. Kate and Mike are enlisted to combat a terrorist threat, and along their adventure they meet an amphibious boy. What follows is an emotional journey of a tight-knit family juxtaposed with a harrowing chase through the world’s oceans.

The series is expected to star seasoned film and TV actors for the adult leads, and provide opportunities for emerging actors in the roles of the children.

Learn more about Neptune One here.

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