Set in the year 2055 in the oceans of a climate-ravaged Earth, and inspired by classic undersea adventures, this futuristic series confronts viewers with issues ripped from today’s headlines.

Neptune One

Neptune One is set in 2055. The horrific weather events foretold for decades have come to pass. Cities are flooded by rising seas. Melting glaciers and droughts have led to a lack of freshwater. Millions die from thirst. Inventor Dorion Xanthis launched Hydros Corp, providing desalinated water to the masses. This innovation earned him over a trillion dollars, becoming the planet’s richest man.

Xanthis uses his wealth to construct three underwater cities, populating each with the brightest minds, in addition to the elite who can afford to live there. Tired of the day-to-day stress of running his company, Xanthis creates an artificially-intelligent holographic copy of his mind to take over. The avatar, known as Mr. Xanthis, thinks and acts exactly like the CEO. Unbeknownst to his staff, Dorion retires. Slowly, Mr. Xanthis diverges, creating his own dark agenda. Ultimately, one of Dorion’s pet projects, the super-sub Neptune One, will be only thing to stand in the way of the AI and the end of life as we know it.


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Neptune One

Film / TV Project

Format: 13-episode mini-series

Jeffrey Morris
Fredrick Haugen

Production Designer:
Jeffrey Morris

Art Director: Dylan Hansen

Composer: Jeff Rona

Status: Packaging / Pitching

Market: Family Television Series

Genre: Science Fiction, Adventure

Budget: TBD

Target Production Date: TBD

Target Release Date: TBD

Cast: TBD

Executive Producer:
Jeffrey Morris

Anne Marie Gillen
Ralph Boral
Charles Wright

Production Partners: Pixomondo

Sales Team: Malba Media Group

Three astronauts have been dispatched on a mission to an alien planet. Once there, they encounter the greatest mystery humankind has ever faced.