The short film introducing the Oceanus Universe

After an earth-shattering cataclysm in 2029, a married team of aquatic researchers must fight to defend their spectacular underwater base—humanity’s last hope for survival.

The Human Adventure Begins

The year is 2029. Created as the ultimate city beneath the sea, the Oceanus Research Facility is a wondrous structure housing more than 300 scientists and engineers, including whale biologist Dr. Erin Kendall and her husband, engineer Sam Jordan.

After a devastating global disaster cuts the Oceanus Base off from the surface forever, the team must fight to survive as they establish a new undersea society — while fending off deadly attacks from unseen enemies trying to claim Oceanus for themselves.

Oceanus: Act One is a human drama with amazing aquatic technologies set against stunning unexplored locales. Created with input from science advisors from NASA and the film Gravity, Oceanus: Act One is written with an approach of plausibility and realism. Act One introduces the audience to an incredible new sci-fi universe and story-arcs that is explored further in Oceanus: Odyssey One, the full-length motion picture and Oceanus: Revelation, the action-packed television series, both in pre-production.

Meet The Characters

  • Dr. Erin Kendall

    megan dodds

    Erin is a brilliant researcher with a single-minded drive to protect the ocean and its intelligent creatures. Part of a team of undersea scientists stationed at Oceanus, Erin’s is the inventor of a technology that can communicate with whales. As a breakthrough nears, Erin pushes herself and her team to the brink — including her husband, Sam, who can’t crack Erin’s steely resolve… until everything changes in a blinding flash.

    Dr. Kendall is played by Megan Dodds, whose credits include roles on CSI: NY, the USA Network’s White Collar, and a star turn as the villain in the movie Ever After.

  • Engineer Sam Jordan

    Sharif Atkins

    A highly capable and cool-headed engineer, Sam is essential to the construction of the Oceanus Base. But he’s driven less by professional pursuits than a romantic one: earning the affection of his workaholic wife Dr. Erin Kendall. Just as simmering domestic tension threatens to boil over, catastrophe intervenes. Now for Sam, cooperation means much more than saving his marriage — it’s a matter of survival.

    Jordan is played by Sharif Atkins, best known for his role as Dr. Michael Gallant on ER, FBI Agent Clinton Jones on White Collar, and a brief cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy.

  • Base Commander Mitch Conrad

    Bruce Davison

    The seasoned leader of Oceanus Base, Mitch Conrad pairs a passion for scientific discovery with a firm hand when it comes to protecting his charges. He’s kind as well as accomplished, making him a natural father figure to Sam and Erin. Conrad shares leadership of the base with his wife, Sophia — an embattled partnership that masks an even darker secret.

    Conrad is played by actor and director Bruce Davison, well known for his Academy Award-nominated performance in Longtime Companion and four decades of TV appearances, from Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek: Voyager to CSI:Miami.

  • Triton – Ship’s Computer

    Malcolm McDowell

    Oceanus’s ever-present computer, known to residents as Triton, gently shepherds activity minute by minute throughout the base. No mere robotic servant, Triton speaks with the warmth and authority of an old friend: alerting scientists to changing conditions and potential problems — and ultimately danger.

    Triton is voiced by veteran actor Malcolm McDowell, known for five decades of lively and sometimes despicable roles, including “Alex” in Stanley Kubrik’s dystopian masterpiece A Clockwork Orange.

Step inside Oceanus

Come face to face with the creators, stars and science of Oceanus: Act One and explore the making of this vividly imagined undersea world.

  • Construction

  • On The Set

  • Rehearsal

  • Production





Oceanus: Act One

The short film

Released: 2015

Runtime: 35 minutes

Category: Adventure, Sci-Fi

Writer: Jeffrey Morris &
Kimberly Benton

Director: Jeffrey Morris


Megan DoddsDr. Erin Kendall

Sharif AtkinsEngineer Sam Jordan

Bruce DavisonBase Commander
Mitch Conrad

Malcolm McDowellTriton -
Ship's Computer

Act One on VimeoThe complete short film will be available on DUST for your streaming on April 18.

Blu-Ray & SoundtrackExperience Act One in Blu-Ray quality on this special edition release. Includes the soundtrack to this feature film.

SoundtrackListen to Act One’s Soundtrack. Features over 43 minutes of music with outtakes and a theme remix.

Graphic NovelThis beautifully illustrated book captures the amazing under-sea adventure in a whole new way.

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